Frequently Asked Questions

What is hot tapping technology?

Hot tapping technology is a method to add equipment and repair without machine shutting down.

(Hot tapping technology schematic diagram)


Does hot tapping technology safe?

We are the first company in Taiwan introduced hot tapping technology cooperation from Japanese firm – COSMO. Hot tapping technology is an advanced method that has strict SOP. We will conduct employee training and equipment assembly test to make it safer than traditional construction method.

What’s the benefit of hot tapping technology?

BenefitTraditional methodHot-tapping method
Cost benefitsHigh social cost
Loss of water supply
Lower construction cost
No downtime capacity loss
Safety benefitsBroken pipe on site
Easy to leak
Product safety
Construction safety
Time-saving benefitsNeed to stop water
Longer construction period
Early Production Operation
Short construction period
Environmental benefitsDischarge of large water resources Discharge of large water resources
Reduce water pollution
Reduce water loss

What are the differences between hot tapping technology and
traditional technology?

  • Hot tapping technology can save 90% of time and up to 60% of cost compare to traditional technology.
  • Hot tapping technology does not need to break the pipes nor stop supplying water during the pipeline replacement construction.
  • There is no need to stop the water, so the water quality is safe.
  • There is no need to cut off the water pipe, so the water pipe structure is safe.
  • There is no need to discharge the remaining water in the pipe to cause impact on the roadbed, so the roadbed and road conditions around the construction are safer. Fast construction time is 50% less than traditional.
  • Contact for takeover or branching projects: Immediate water supply upon completion of perforationㄡ
  • Adding water valve construction: The one-way water flow direction can be controlled immediately after the perforation installation is completed, and the use status of the pipeline can be investigated and determined immediately.

Why choosing us?

  • Domestic technology leadership
  • A number of patented technologies(See Patent page)
  • TSMC, ASE exclusive technical partner manufacturers
  • High product safety, mechanical and material precision
  • The only manufacturer in Taiwan to do personnel training and assembly pre-test before construction
  • Experienced technicians and construction safety protection
  • Many successful cases (See Project Performance)
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