Business Philosophy

Safe and Technology

Safe, Fast, Cost-effective, Environmentally-friendly, Innovative, Conceptual Customer Service.

Hot Tapping Technology

Shiang Tai Hydropower Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, started operation from the traditional hydropower engineering industry. After cooperating with COSMO of Japan in 2002 to introduce hot-tapping technology and construction methods, it has continued to devote to research and refinement of hot-tapping technology and construction methods to actually serve the needs of the industry, including (expansion and new pipe connection) branch, installation of running water pipeline leakage prevention, pipeline freezing construction and other construction projects, to provide customers with continuous uninterrupted water supply services and operations and reduce business production interruptions, and for different pipelines construction proposes solutions to provide customers with the most beneficial customized solutions.

Water Distribution Main and Service Pipe
Non-Disruption of Water Supply

Shorten construction period
and reduce construction costs

Reduce water leakage rate
and increase profit

Eliminate the risk of rust water contamination after construction

No complaints from users due to water supply interruptions.

Adopting Xiangtai’s Non-stop Water Technology, with Multiple Patented Technical Services. Zero Age Maintenance, Excellent Operation: Construction technology featuring “Non-stop Water, Non-stop Gas, Non-stop Oil”.
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