Hot Tapping Technology – apply Inflatable Line Stop Pipe Plugging System to adding a flow meter

Smart water project
Inflatable line stop pipe plugging system combined with flowmeter installation project for 800mm cast iron pipe in tap water pipe.
Compiled into a 3D simulation video using simple on-site drawings.
It is planned to use the hot tapping technology inflatable line stop pipe plugging system, with balloons inserted through holes on both sides.
First assemble the 800mm gate valve with a gap of 500mm.
After cutting the pipe, install it on the main pipe together as follows:
According to the planned construction, the flow meter can be installed in the branch pipe without stopping the water and draining the water. Semiconductor factories can operate sustainably to maintain production and reduce sewage treatment costs.
Install flowmeter according to design.
The addition is completed, the balloon is removed, and the bypass pipe is removed.
The above device is the final product of our continuous training and patent.

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