Central Meteorological Administration continuous water technology project

Central Meteorological Bureau continuous water technology project: 2022/6/11 P3W middle valve water stop + divergence project

In order to ensure that its operation will not be affected during the construction period, the Xiangtai team formulated and designed a construction plan suitable for the Central Meteorological Bureau after site survey. The construction adopts the P3W intermediate water stop valve imported from Japan. At the back end of the water stop valve, water pipe maintenance and new equipment can be expanded. There is no need to stop water during the construction process, which can not only reduce the waste of water resources, but also improve the service quality of the Central Meteorological Bureau. Achieve triple win.

Adopt Xiangtai continuous water technology to achieve the best project efficiency.

Central Weather Service

(Continuous water technology construction method: P3W intermediate valve water stop + divergence project)
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