National Taiwan University Hospital continuous water technology project

National Taiwan University Hospital continuous water technology project: 2022/11/8 Freezing water stop method

The hospital is one of the few institutions that cannot cut off water and electricity. In order to ensure that the normal operation of the hospital will not be affected during the construction period, the Xiangtai team went to the site to conduct site surveys and measurements in advance, and provided scheme design for the hospital’s reference. After the evaluation was feasible, assembly testing and construction quality control were carried out. , To ensure continuous water engineering benefits, save water resources, and make medical services uninterrupted.

Water pipe freezing and water sealing is a non-destructive engineering technology. Xiangtai Company established a freezing laboratory to collect freezing experiment data and confirm the water sealing effect of ice cubes. It is safe and reliable with a pressure resistance of 10 kg. Service quality is not affected, and water resources are saved, and construction costs are reduced.

National Taiwan University Hospital

(Continuous water engineering method: frozen water stop method)
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