Wannian Bridge Continuous Water Project in Douliu City, Yunlin

Safe, economical, fast, and water-saving, the continuous water engineering method has been adopted in five places by the management office of the fifth district. Because there is no need to stop water for construction, it will not affect the life and business activities of tap water users. The Wannian Bridge in Douliu City, the Tuku Bridge, and the Dingcaohu Bridge in Yuanchang Township adopted uninterrupted water projects.

The 1500X300 steel pipes of the Wannian Bridge in Douliu City, Yunlin are constructed with continuous water.

When the water pressure is 4.5kg-10kg, there is no need to stop the water for construction.

Large perforators and hose slices.

Drainage test.

For the construction on the large water pipe bridge, a new exhaust valve was added.

construction records.

Tuku Bridge water pipe bridge.

Large cranes, construction situation.

Construction situation.
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