2022 Technological Light Press Release

The 64-year-old Liu Feilong, who is studying in the doctoral program of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of Beijing University of Science and Technology, has been cultivating the hot tapping method for many years. He has 4 invention patents and 24 new model patents. The invention of “Water Method” has completed technology transfer and has been applied to Taiwan’s high-tech industry. It won the 2020 Supplier Sustainability Award from ASE. The water supply system recycling innovative technology continues to serve the society with advanced technology.

Liu Feilong said that if a high-tech factory stops production due to water interruption or maintenance of the water supply system, it will cause huge economic losses. The water stop valve can be used for emergency repair of local pipelines.

Liu Feilong hopes that by inheriting these innovative technologies and continuing to serve high-tech factories such as Building 101, National Taiwan University Hospital, TSMC, and ASE Group, semiconductor factories can maintain equipment and expand production lines without stopping water supply, without affecting factory production, and can save energy and reduce carbon emissions. , the Hot tipping method will be passed on to the young team for continuous research and development to benefit the industry and society.


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